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Guangxi Innov Spice.ltd – Spice supplier and Distributor

Guangxi Innov sell spices to all over the world, most customers comes from Europe, America as well as Japan and Australia. We supply a wide range of spices and herbs. Spice Distributor and Supplier

Cinnamon Supplier

Our cinnamon grow naturally and semi wild in the guangxi region in china. Here the trees are harvested every 7-10 years and cassia cinnamon is sorted in different shapes and forms according to the customers wishes and preferences. We supply everything from high quality hand selected cinnamon cassia sticks as well as powder and pressed whole or mixed.

Star Anise

During 2020 prices of Star anise increased rapidly and the Chinese province of Guangxi provide 85% of the world supply of star anise. Star anise trees takes long time to grow and is really hard to harvest as well as an increasing demand both for medical and food purposes has been the main causes of the price increase. But don’t hesitate to contact us as your star anise supplier and distributor

Blackberry leaves

Another of our main products is blackberry leaves and we are a big distributor of that product here in Guanxi shipping to many different countries. Our Blackberry is grown in the mountains with clean air and good water as well as good sun. To make a great raw material that can be used both as sweetener as well as in tea