A Guide for all Distillers and the science behind maturing


To my lovely wife Alice, my son Albin and Oscar and my daughter Emma, without your support this book would not have been possible.


Production of distilled spirits is certainly one of the oldest practiced biotechnological processes. In recent years there has been rapid increase in interest in the production of spirits at smaller, artisan scale in the U.S. and other countries.

This type of distillation is widely known and practiced in the French and German speaking countries of Europe, but there is a general lack of literature written in Chinese. This work is aimed at filling this void.

This book is all about at the production of Rum and white spirits (Brandy/ eau de vie, Vodka, Gin, Whiskey etc.)

I attempt to cover the nuances of oak treatment for these products in depth. It should be noted that all oak stored products start as white spirits, so the production of white spirits is common to the distilled beverage business.

To complete the book main is from my own experience with the production of San Bart´s Rum in Nanning, Guangxi province – some is collected material from the best professionals from all over the world, from Europe to South Africa, USA and Australia.

It is really not easy to bring many hundreds of year’s knowledge summary to one book and some secrets still do remain. If you are interested in building a still of your own, in many countries I guess you know that doing that is just not the politically correct thing to do.

As long as your conscience allows you, there is absolutely nothing wrong by reading this.

Remember that the real purpose of this book is to educate and inform those of you who are interested in this subject. It is not in any way an encouragement to break the law,

To all of you who want to continue this very interesting topic, to be our valued customers and friends.

As we say in Sweden

Skål !

 Ulf (Ooffe) Einarsson

Nanning, China and Sweden – China, February  2019