Swedish Rum in China

Welcome to San Bart´s Rum

Swedish Rum made in China, how is that really possible?

It may seem far-fetched but Sweden and all the Scandinavian countries have very long maritime traditions and thus intimate relation to Rum.

The oldest bottle of Rum ever found was onboard the Swedish warship Wasa that sank outside Stockholm 1628, salvaged 1961 nowadays a museum attraction.

The Caribbean free trading port of San Barthelemey was founded 1784 by the Swedish King Gustav the 3.d and was convenient for trading by the Europeans for goods, including contrabands, all free from taxes. As you can imagine Rum was a very natural part in all these activities.

From our roots in Sweden, equipped with modern European technology and a Swedish secret recipe, we started buried deep in the rich Asian subtropical soil. Our journey from the cradle has over history and distance has brought the entire Swedish family to the glorious sugarcane landscape of the Guangxi autonomous province, to realize our dreams to produce China’s best Rum.

Using the finest ingredients our premium spirits are carefully crafted with our proud heritage, combined with playful innovation, allows us to capture the most adventurous and unique flavors ever from Asia.

San Bart’s Rum is both the journey, and the destination. If you are still and patient, you will hear the proud song of the brave sailors touring the new World and the Swedish spirit. San Bart’s sings the song of our soul.

The naturally rich, red soil of south East Asia provides an ideal terrain for best high-quality sugar cane, from which we source the finest molasses. Our molasses are fermented for seven days before being triple-distilled to perfectness for further tender care.

Our golden rum is European Oak matured and after an initial short first rest the blending takes place where Rum from several older batches dating back to 2008 is blended to obtain best possible balance after which the final maturing takes place.

The story doesn’t end there.

We add small amounts of natural macerate to embellish the golden rum with a hint from an uniquely aromatic blend, with mild and smooth taste notes from some local grown Herbs and Spices, supplied by our partner company Guangxi Innov Ltd ( www.Novspice.com ), to obtain the signature exquisite San Bart’s Rum unique full body flavor.

Background: Our smooth, gentle and pleasant premium Rum is a double gold winner well tested and internationally recognized since 2008. We participate in major Exhibitions in: USA, Mexico, Germany, France, Australia, China and Japan with very encouraging responses by customers from all over the world.

Our rum builds on the major emerging trends in the drinks sector of today: Premium, natural ingredients, authenticity and craft production values with a focus on new innovative flavors – an artisan product.

Rum is the soul of navigation and symbolizes the pursuit of freedom by seafarers. San Bart´s originates from the Vikings daring voyages and unique style and relation to the sea formed into a traditional Swedish formula and a modern production process,

San Bart´s Rum is produced from pure natural sugarcane juice and only all natural ingredients, with its rich mellow in taste has it won double Gold medals in the highest grade of international wine and spirits competition.

San Bart´s Rum is really a fine wine and you deserve to enjoy it.

San Barts Rum´s founder and owner Family Einarsson, in a Guangxi sugarcane field